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Transform Your Business IT From a Cost Center to a Profit Center

The core technology and philosophies behind traditional phone systems were developed when most work was done by people sitting at desks in office buildings. Customer expectations were relatively low. Not much about the way people used telephones to communicate in businesses changed from the end of WWII through 2010.

Then something happened. The Internet and better ways to use it became more widespread and disrupted our thinking about what it means to run a business. Old traditions about work were challenged and new tools for speed and productivity emerged and powerful mobile devices such as smartphones added fuel to the fire. 

KCCi is the modern choice in telecom companies for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company.

  24/7 Emergency & After-Hours Support  

 •  Phone Systems, (IP PBXs Premise or hosted)  

• Internet, SIP & Voice Services  

•  Structured Network Cabling  

•  BYOD & Mobility

•  VoIP,  SIP trunking  & SD-WAN

• Adding, Moving or Changing Technology  

•  Station Adds, Moves & Changes  

•  Video Surveillance  

•  NEC Touch Screen Telephones  

•  Call Center Applications  

•  Call Recording  

•  Message-On-Hold 

• Paging Systems  

•  IP DECT & WiFi Systems 

•  UC, (Unified Communications)  

•  Disaster Recovery  

•  FREE Telecom Services Audit  

• Video/Audio Conferencing  

•  AT&T Mobile & Push-to-Talk Services  

•  Cloud Computing  

•  Lease Financing  

•  FREE Phone System ???  

•  Licensed Contractor, CA & WA


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If you have problems with your communications system beyond normal business hours, KCCi's expertise and our technicians are still available to assist you. 

Our response time for major system outages & malfunctions is typically between minutes and two hours away. 

KC Communications Inc. / KCCi

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KC Communications Inc. / KCCi

business internet, voice, data, phone     systems, hosted, cloud services, structured cabling

Backed by 32+ years of experience, innovation, infrastructure investment and industry knowledge. KCCi is a trusted, national leader in communications technology. 

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business with remote workers, multiple locations across geographic regions,    hosted phone service.

Access. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. Keeping it simple. Keeping your business productive.

Flexible and resilient, KCCi is perfect for businesses with remote workers, multiple locations or across geographic regions. Fast, agile and "always on."   Complete suite of customizable, reliable, secure business communications services. Powerful collaboration without barriers, borders or boundaries that's  reliable, efficient, secure and cost-effective. 

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WE'RE HERE TO HELP 24/7 Emergency Support Phone Systems IP PBX Premise hosted Internet SIP BYOD

KC Communications Inc. / KCCi

2715 Saturn Street, Brea, CA 92821

Local: (714) 577-7777 • Toll Free: (888) KC-4-NEXT or (888) 524-6398  

eMail:  Jason@KC4Phones.com

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