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KC's Mission, Team & Clients

The KCCi Team Greatly Appreciates this Opportunity to Quickly Introduce What We Do.


You have a business to run! Profits to increase! Employees to motivate! Clients to thrill & amaze! You may not have the time or the resources to analyze, audit and evaluate the efficiency, capacity and ROI of your existing telecom, data, Internet and wireless technology services – For more than 30 years, thousands of businesses throughout California and the nation have relied on the experts at KCCi for a wide variety of telecommunications and data products & services.

KCCi provides our enterprise clients of every size with optimal communication performance across convergent technologies. We are at the forefront of today’s information age - delivering complex voice, data, Internet, hosted cloud services & carrier services, video surveillance, and related digital products at increasing speeds and in ways that both; satisfy and delight our customers.

All of this occurs while our clients benefit from potential cost reductions. So, if you haven’t reviewed your telecom options recently, there are significant changes occurring in both premise-based & cloud-based telephony technology. All with pricing that’s certain to grab your attention.

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Thank You, 

​-Ken "KC" Clements

Founder, President & C.E.O.

​KC Communications, Inc. / KCCi

The Right Business Communication System Makes the Difference...

​As a decision-maker for your company you're perfectly aware of the significant role technology plays in today's demanding marketplace.

You also know that footing the bill for the advantages required to outperform the competition is no easy task.

At KCCi we believe you're at our website right now because you've discovered what we already know. The right communications system can be the critical link to a balanced budget, providing a platform for a multitude of applications integrating voice and data that increase the productivity of daily operations and improve customer satisfaction.

KC's Mission, Team & Clients

  • ​Offering the most advanced voice, data and wireless technology and services at competitive prices.
  • Being on a first-name basis with our customers
  • Building trust over 30 years throughout California and the nation
  • Providing continued support long after the sale
  • Our current customer satisfaction rate is just 99%... But our target is 100%! 
  • We enable our customers to become more productive, while they crush their competition
  • We are focused on satisfying and delighting our customers!

 Call KCCi  -  Because Business is On the Line !!!   

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KC's Company Profile

The Right Business Communication System Makes the Difference.

Making the Right Choice...
As you weigh all the factors involved in the selection process, KCCi would like to offer this important point for your consideration. There's more at stake here than getting the lowest price or fulfilling current needs. To be right for you today, your business communications system must also be right for you tomorrow, next year, even ten years from now.

Partnering For Success...
It's not easy to anticipate where your company is heading, but that's where we can help. We'll work with you to plan your future, utilizing what we already know about your business and service environment - and what you tell us - to provide answers to questions before they're asked.

And by Selecting KCCi, (KC Communications Inc.), you protect your future with an investment in tomorrow's technology. Designed to allow for flexibility, developing technology, grow incrementally as your organization grows and changes. 

Back this up with a solid reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service and you can begin to see why for nearly 30 years, businesses throughout California and the nation have relied on the experts at KCCi for a wide variety of telecommunications and data products & services. 

At The Hub of Operations: Your KCCi Total Communications Solutions...
My company, KCCi welcomes the opportunity to further explore your company's telecommunications requirements. We will propose the best systems for you because we're convinced they will have a dramatic impact on the way your organization operates, both today and in the future. Industry knowledge, systems expertise, superior products, understandable & achievable ROI, best warranty in the industry and an absolute commitment to helping you achieve your goals - that's what a KCCi total communications solution means.

Full-Service Telecommunications...
Most telecommunications companies call themselves "full-service," but like the janitorial service you hire who afterwards tells you that they "don't do windows," most "full-service," telecommunications companies will not extend themselves beyond what is traditionally expected of them. KCCi differs in that we are not handcuffed to this concept of doing only what is expected and pride ourselves in delivering where others will not.

Unexpected  Difference…
KCCi is a competitor in the voice, data, hosted IP-PBX, cloud computing, structured cabling and wireless communications industry. We attract, support and hold our customers because of an UNEXPECTED DIFFERENCE. That unexpected difference is born from our own unexpected philosophy and unexpected talents. KCCi bears little resemblance to the thousands of telecommunications companies across the land. Not by accident, but by deliberate intent. As partners, our Client/KC relationships are close. Combining this closeness with our objectivity, creativity and particular talents enable us to accomplish things that could not be proficiently or economically done alone.

Unexpected  Philosophy…
We opened our company's doors 32-years ago because we felt there was an enormous potential for a telecommunications company with a NEW, FRESH, EXPLOSIVE way of looking at today's telecommunications needs. Efforts that are born and bred from an attitude of doing what is right for the task and not just right for the telecommunications company. Our success is based upon the depth and breath in which the team attacks the assignment. Through our talent, creativity, experience and structure, we have gained a reputation for providing a level of performance that is truly unexpected from any telecommunications company.

Unexpected  Talent…
We believe that highly professional and experienced talent is the most important asset we have to offer. We are smart technicians with a participatory management style which epitomizes the "TEAM/PARTNER" concept. This concept is based on the conviction that with the diversity of our skills and talents we can achieve more as a team than as a single entity. Although every KC Communications, Inc. / KCCi employee is an integral member of our successful formula and you may only see one of us arrive on a service call. Please remember that our leadership and direction comes from the sum of all the players. We are proving this today with every customer we delight. 

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The government's deregulation of the telecommunications industry in 1984 opened-up an energetic and competitive industry, stimulating both new ideas in technology and new services to attract you the customer. Our idea is to build a business voice, data and wireless communications company along some very untraditional concepts by providing a new meaning to the overused term, "full-service." If a telecommunications company thinks in a traditional "full-service" way, it shows. It shows in their work, it shows in their product mix and it shows in their results. 

The Right Business Communication System Makes the Difference. Making the Right Choice.

The Right Business Communication System Makes the Difference. Making the Right Choice.

FREE Phone System ???

FREE Phone System ???

FREE Phone System ???

Well not exactly. But, in most cases KCCi is able to provide our business clients with a new state-of-art, feature rich, NEC telecom solution, (new phone system, dial-tone & 36-month* warranty) for the same cost or less, than they're currently paying for their dial-tone alone! 

FREE Phone System ???


 Well not exactly. But... 

The KCCi SoSimple plan redirects the savings in telco landline costs to help our clients cover the cost of a new NEC phone system, faster and more efficient Internet performance speed & bandwidth; plus, a financing program that’s usually not available to small & medium sized system sales.                        *As always, certain conditions apply. 

Call us toll free at: (888) KC-4-NEXT 

or (888) 524-6398 or email: KC@KC4Phones.com 

What is KCCi's SoSimple?


A simple way for KCCi Customers to finance new NEC phone Systems. 

Increase efficiency, expand technology, elevate production, grow your business and receive a 36-month new equipment warranty, while utilizing the cost savings of KC’s SIP Trunk services.

Call us toll free:

(888) KC-4-NEXT  or  ​(888) 524-6398

Email: KC@KC4Phones.com

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FREE Phone System ??? --- Downloads

FREE Phone System ???  ---  Downloads

FREE Phone System ???

Choose the right Solution


The NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled system that is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Its intelligent design helps to solve today’s communications challenges and is built to scale as your business grows.

Smart Communications for Today's Business

Designed to fit your unique needs, the UNIVERGE SV9100 platform is a powerful communications solution that provides today's businesses with the efficient, easy-to-deploy, mobile technology that they require. Reliable and adaptable, the SV9100 is built on cutting-edge technology that supports voice, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging, and mobility out-of-the-box, all the while remaining easy to manage. 

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Competitive businesses come in all sizes and successful businesses always have one thing in common: great teamwork. In the age of increasingly disparate working locations and job complexity, communications play a crucial part in every organisation’s success.  

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Smart Communications for Small & Medium Businesses


The UNIVERGE SV9100 offers: 

  • A seamless mix of IP & traditional phone services. 
  • Embedded video and audio conferencing. 
  • Enhanced Unified Communications and mobility features. 
  • Lower carriage costs with SIP trunks. 
  • A rack mountable chassis that can incorporate telephony, networking, server and gateway hardware. 
  • The capability to mesh up to 50 systems into a single image communication platform. 

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SL1000 - Advanced & Unique Solutions


The SL1100 Advantage 

  • IP Technology  
  • IP Networking  
  • IP Trunks (SIP)  
  • IP Telephones  
  • IP Softphone 
  • Mobility Options  
  • SMB Wireless (ML440)  
  • Digital DECT Wireless  Handsets  
  • Mobile Extension  
  • uMobility Wi-Fi Client 
  • Voicemail  
  • Email Notification 
  • Automatic Call  Distribution (ACD) 
  • SL Desktop Suite (Unified  Communications) 
  • Desktop Call Control  
  • Microsoft® Office Outlook® Integration 
  • Dial Out/End Call, Transfer and  Conference from Contact  
  • Company Directory Access  
  • Personal Contact Lists  
  • Softphone  
  • CRM Integration 
  • Network Remote Office Locations  
  • Share Voicemail, Transfer Calls and  make Intercom Calls 
  • Selection of IP and Digital Telephones  

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Affordable, Efficient and IP Enabled Solution


10 Business Benefits of the SL1100 

  1. Lowers your cost - Powerful communications for a small business budget. 
  2. Increases your productivity - Sophisticated solution, simple to use.
  3. Excellent remote/home office capabilities - Office level functionality from your remote/home office. 
  4.  Future-proofs your business - Value for your money and tailored to your needs.
  5. Improves customer service - A solution to help you effortlessly boost your customer’s experience.
  6. Simplifies administration - System features and applications to make management easier.
  7. Stay connected from anywhere on site -  DECT wireless handsets keep you intouch with colleagues and customers.
  8. Keeps you up-to-date effortlessly - Never miss a thing with easy access to key information.
  9. Remain reachable on the road - Carry your office number with you using Mobile Extension.  
  10. Reach crucial business decisions faster -  Built-in Conference Bridge provides convenient options for meetings. 

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Why choose the SL1100?


In today’s highly competitive business environment, effective and reliable communications are critical to a company’s success. Therefore, it is important that you invest in a unified communications solution that allows you to take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing IP applications that can deliver increased performance throughout your organization – that solution is NEC’s SL1100 Communications System. This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business. The SL1100 makes your team more reachable, responsive and productive. 

  • Value for Money 
  • Easy to use 
  • Work Smarter – SL Desktop Suite  
  • Manage Communications from Your 
  • Desktop PC 
  • Keep them connected 
  • Support for Remote and Mobile Workers 
  • Integration with Third Party CRM Systems 
  • Stay connected while on the move  

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KC Communications Inc. / KCCi

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KC Communications Inc. / KCCi

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Backed by 32+ years of experience, innovation, infrastructure investment and industry knowledge. KCCi is a trusted, national leader in communications technology. 

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business with remote workers, multiple locations across geographic regions,    hosted phone service.

Access. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. Keeping it simple. Keeping your business productive.

Flexible and resilient, KCCi is perfect for businesses with remote workers, multiple locations or across geographic regions. Fast, agile and "always on."   Complete suite of customizable, reliable, secure business communications services. Powerful collaboration without barriers, borders or boundaries that's  reliable, efficient, secure and cost-effective.