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Business Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology

Adding, Moving, Upgrading or Changing Technology

Whether you are looking to add new technology, relocate your entire business, upgrade or change your existing telephone or data network, you need professional help to make sure all the details are considered and the project is accomplished as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. At KCCi, we have been helping businesses add, move and change their communication infrastructure for over 32-years. We ensure all your voice and data communication requirements are accounted for and installed properly so you can focus on the things that matter in your business.

How do I begin?

Moving and changing technology and phone service does not have to be difficult. Have a conversation with a member of our experienced account team and let us help you develop the ideal solution to meet your needs. 


KCCi provides services for any of the following scenarios:

  1. You're moving your office and need help moving your phones and data network.
  2. We're expanding into the suite next door and we need to add cabling and phones. 
  3. We already have a phone system, but need help making it do more for our business.
  4. Our old wiring needs to be upgraded before we can get a new VoIP Phone system.
  5. We have several staff changes and need to move, change and add phones.
  6. We have an old phone system on a tight budget and we're not sure what's available. 
  7. We need more capacity and  better performance from our phone system.
  8. We have special requirements and need to know the best ideas on how to address them.
  9. We're making some changes in the office and need help moving phones and computers.
  10. Our phone system is getting old, and we want to know what options are available.
  11. We're not happy with our current vendor and we are looking for a new one.
  12.  We've had staff turnover with several new hires and they all need to be trained to use the features on our current phone system. 
  13. Download: KC's Business Moving Checklist-pdf    See Downloads below

KCCi can provide your business with the following services at competitive pricing:

  • Hosted IP PBx Service
  • Premise-Based IP PBx System
  • Broadband Internet 
  • Wireless Internet 
  • Voice & Video Conferencing  
  • Long Distance
  • Phone Lines & Services
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Calling Area Plans
  • SD-WAN
  • VoIP 
  • MPLS             
  • ISDN 
  • PRI 
  • SIP 
  • T1
  • KCCi provides all of the above on behalf of your business and at competitive terms and pricing !!! 

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Business Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology


If you're looking into moving your business to a new location, give KCCi a call. We want to make certain your move goes smoothly. We will help make your move a seamless one by:

  • Coordinating with telco & data service carriers.
  • Cabling for voice, data, video and overhead paging locations.
  • Move your phone system from its current place to the new location.
  • Update, expand and/or reprogram your phone system if required.
  • Provide user training on phone & system features.
  • Propose new system and equipment if needed.


Solutions Made for You

We can design a custom solution to meet your business's unique challenges.

Business Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology

Business Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology


 KCCi has extensive experience in telephone system relocation, including structured cabling, data network fiber-optic and wireless infrastructure cabling for your move. Coordinate your telephone service relocation that  dovetails with your business relocation, office relocation, shop and warehouse relocation too. You may be interested in enhancing and upgrading your existing telephone, data, internet, cctv and video systems during your office relocation.  

State of California Business Relocation Checklist


If your business is relocating within California, make sure to update your contact information with the agencies listed below. There may be other agencies you should contact KCCi to relocate your telecom, data & cabling for your new location. Download the State of California Business Relocation Checklist pdf ...Here.  

Check it Out! For additional information on Business Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology take a look at the DOWNLOADS section on this page.

Cabling and Infrastructure:


Business dependency on communication systems has never been greater. More than 96 percent of all business transactions are now initiated by telephone calls, computers, servers, routers, switches, emails, websites, voicemails, video, mobile wireless, WiFi, unified messaging, faxes and multimedia. Nearly all business is transmitted through your cabling infrastructure.

A structured cabling system will probably outlive all of the other networking components in your business. But, it only represents 7% of the total network investment. A structured cabling system from KCCi represents a sound investment in the productivity of your company.

Important Facts About Cabling and Infrastructure

Business Dependency on Communication Systems Has Never Been Greater...

Structured cabling systems provide a platform upon which your overall information system strategy is built...  

96% of All Business Transactions...

Almost all information flows through your cabling infrastructure... 

Only 7% of Your Total Network Investment...

A structured cabling system will probably outlive all of the other networking components in your business... 

Office Relocation, Upgrading or Changing Technology

 KC's Business Moving Checklist pdf. 

Difference Between Category CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6e, 7, 7e Cable pdf.

What is Structured Cabling  In Plain Language and Why You Should Care pdf.

 KC's Office Moving Checklist for Phones, Internet & IT Equipment pdf.

KCCi Structured Cabling Infrastructure As An Investment in Productivity pdf.

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