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Polycom Phones

Powerful Polycom Phones and Accessories

 KCCi proudly offers a variety of user-friendly Polycom phones and accessories that utilize advanced VoIP technology. 

Polycom phones will make your business run more efficiently by combining crystal clear audio with a user-friendly interface. From desk-bound executives to traveling sales reps, equip each team member with the unified communications solution they need. With Polycom, VoIP phones do much more than transmit your voice over the internet—they drive revenue and accelerate growth.


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Powerful Networks, Phones and Accessories

KCCi's IP phone systems offer a broad portfolio of state-of-the art phones and accessories to meet your business needs. From desk phones to soft phones and cordless to Bluetooth, equip your team members with a voice over internet protocol solution that keeps your business agile and secure. 

VVX Portfolio Pocket Guide

Polycom Phones

Polycom VVX Phones: VVX-600 16-Line and VVX-500 12-Line Color Touch Screen Phones


• The ultimate productivity tools for any executive or manager

• Touch-screen video support 

• 16 or 12 lines supported, video conference ready 

Polycom VVX-410 and VVX-400 12-Line Color LCD Phones


• The perfect Polycom phones for a wide range of staff

• Mid-range, color screen

• 12 lines supported 

Polycom VVX Phones: VVX-310 and VVX-300 6-Line LCD Phones


• Perfectly suited for multiple user groups

• High-quality entry level phones

• 6 lines supported 

Polycom VVX-201 or VVX-101 2-Line LCD Phones


• The ideal IP phones for home offices, call centers, retail environments or shared common-areas

• Delivers enterprise-grade sound quality

• 2 lines supported 

Bring the World Right to Your Desk


Help teams move faster with desk phones that are intuitive-to-use from day one, feature the industry’s best sound quality and are so reliable you’ll never need to purchase any other phone. 

The Polycom Difference


The desktop phone is a keystone of effective business operation, providing reliability and comfort in a simple package. 

Polycom® VVX® Business Phones Portfolio


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Our response time for major system outages & malfunctions is typically between minutes and two hours away. 

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Backed by 32+ years of experience, innovation, infrastructure investment and industry knowledge. KCCi is a trusted, national leader in communications technology. 

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