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Why Audit Your Phone Bill?

For more than 30-years KCCi has helped thousands of clients  save between 20%-50% off their phone bill. A full scale management of our clients telecom expenses will typically result in overall savings, and also an  immediate awareness, impact and improved process controls.

The amazing fact is that we've been providing "Telephone Bill Audits" on behalf of our clients and prospective clients for several decades. 

I will admit that we don't save quite as much for our longtime clients when we perform Repeat Phone Bill Audits. The obvious reason is because we've already saved them a large percentage off their bill and now we're in the management phase.     

Telecom Audit
A telecom audit simply refers to the financial examination of the organization’s telecommunication expenses. If you are looking to save money on your expenses, the best place to start is by performing an audit. Send us your, (via email or fax) your most recent business phone bills: send us your mobile, landline, internet and data bills. 

We will analyse your current costs with the the objective of giving you the best possible price and services currently available. If companies fully understood the importance of having a proper telephone bill audit, they would save an enormous sum of money month after month that could go into more productive areas of their business. 

It’s difficult to oversee a telephone bill audit with all of its complexities. Telecom bills encompass so much detail that it’s almost impossible for most companies because they the lack resources, experience and the knowledge base to handle telecom expenses. The net result is most of the time, they end up paying a lot more than they should.

Telecom Contract Negotiation
Most managers struggle to understand the terms & conditions of the contract when companies initially contract for telecom equipment and services contacts. They also don't understand how the contracts could affect their  monthly expenses. This is because the contract might be filled with telecom industry language and acronyms that managers just don't understand. Our telecom consultants will play a valuable role in the negotiations by acting as an interpreter helping management understand the contract before committing to it. 

Benefits from KCCi's No-Cost Analysis:

  • Inventory of Current Services
  • Thorough Analysis of Current Rate Plans
  • Billing Errors Identified and Addressed
  • Identification of Underutilized Services
  • Detailed Expense Reduction Plan
  • Efficient Services Recommendation

Learn More About Cost Reduction

A telephone bill audit can occur at anytime but its imperative that the audit occur 120 to 90-days prior to a customer’s contract is scheduled to expire. Contracts are typically 12-60 month terms with an auto renew clause. 

During the audit, our consultant is on a mission to find out where there are potential savings for your company. Our consultants will review the local telephone bills, wireless services, long distance invoices, internet, and the company’s current tariff charges. They will also identify cases of phone abuse and billing errors. Their findings also allow the company to create a telecom budget and allocate their expenses accordingly. 

Oftentimes, business managers do not pay attention to every charge on their telephone bills, enabling service providers to charge fees for services that are not being used. This includes minimum commitments and fees for not meeting the minimum usage. 

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Find Out More About This Solution

Phone Bill Audit


Services - Voice - Local and Long Distance, International & Toll Free Services, including T1 & PRI

Service providers offer different options and plans for voice services. An all-inclusive evaluation of usage, call traffic, and call type may reveal that another service provider might be better for your company’s bottom line. Many customers pay for services and features they never use.

Data Networks Technology – MPLS, Private Line, VPN, Satellite, Ethernet

It’s difficult for a business owner or manager to evaluate the efficiency, capacity and ROI of their existing network. With new technologies being introduced almost daily, it is imperative to keep up with the innovations and developments in the data communications field. Not adopting the most recent, proven technologies can not only hurt your competitiveness, but could diminish your network efficiency and increase your costs. 

The best approach is to invest the time in a strategic planning exercise to identify your diverse networking requirements. Then identify the technologies most capable of meeting those requirements to improve your organization's productivity.

Internet – DSL, DS1 (T1), DS3, OCx, Ethernet

Internet applications and services are continually being developed, refined and advanced which requires more and more capacity and speed.  Discovering the right match between your requirements and the options from service providers is a challenging and exhausting task. Additionally, insufficient broadband to handle your requirements will have an adverse effect on your organization's efficiency and productivity. 

Wireless - Wireless Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets

With Smartphones, Tablets and BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device) Mobility is definitely a hot topic in today’s IT market. Just look at some of these statistics: 32% of US employees are mobile workers; There was a 65% increase in mobile workers in 2016; Mobility is the biggest trend across the tech industry investment and innovation, even outpacing the cloud computing trend; 50% all adults go online remotely; BOYD, is a phrase that’s become widely adopted and refers to employees who bring their own computing devices, such as, smartphones, laptops and tablets into the workplace for use and connectivity on the secure corporate network. All in all, today’s modern businesses are going mobile in a big way to enable employees to become more productive and responsive to customers.

The Importance of a Proper Business Communication Services Audit


having a proper telecom, data and Internet bill audit, they could save lots of money that could be directed in more productive areas of their business. It’s difficult to oversee a telephone bill audit with all of its complexities. Telecom bills encompass so much detail that it’s almost impossible for most companies because they the lack resources and the knowledge base to handle telecom expenses. Most of the time, they end up paying a lot more than they should.

KCCi has more than 30 years of industry savvy to help with the business communications contract negotiating process. Why not let KCCi™ assist your company with its telephone bill audit? We help control expenses; create efficiency and productivity, which allows our clients to fully manage all aspects of their telecom costs. We oversee services such as:

  • Local & Long Distance Services (Voice/International/Toll Free/T1 & PRI Services)
  • Internet Access, (DSL/DS1 (T1)/DS3/OCx/Ethernet)
  • Audio & Video Conferencing 
  • Local & Wide Area Networks (WAN/LAN/MPLS/Private Line/VPN/Satellite/Ethernet)
  • Enterprise Wireless, (WiFi/WLAN/VoLAN/Microwave) 
  • Mobile Cellular Services, (Wireless Phones/Smartphones/Tablets/PTT/Mobile Broadband/Data/Enterprise Productivity)… 
  • And, Yes, We Can Help with Cell Phones Too !!!

Call KCCi - Because Business is On the Line !!!

 You have a business to run! Profits to increase! Employees to motivate! Clients to thrill & amaze! You may not have the time or the resources to analyze, audit and evaluate the efficiency, capacity and ROI, (Return On Investment) of your existing telecom, data, Internet and wireless technology services –-- 

For more than 30 years, thousands of businesses throughout California and the nation have relied on the experts at KCCi for a wide variety of telecommunications and data products & services. 

KCCi provides our enterprise clients of every size with optimal communication performance across convergent technologies. We are at the forefront of today’s information age - delivering complex voice, data, Internet, hosted cloud services & carrier services, video surveillance, and related digital products at increasing speeds and in ways that both; satisfy and delight our customers. 

All of this occurs while our clients benefit from potential cost reductions. So, if you haven’t reviewed your telecom options recently, there are significant changes occurring in both premise-based & cloud-based telephony technology. All with pricing that’s certain to grab your attention.

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