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MAC, AMB, Telecom acronym for: Moves, adds & changes. Let KCCi  Manage & Coordinate Telecom Projects



MAC is just a Telecom Industry acronym for: Moves, adds and changes. MAC's are probably the most common cabling and telephony services required by businesses.  At one time or another, most organizations experience changes that involve moving or adding staff, or transferring office locations.

Cabling and telephony support are usually required when you hire new employees or reconfigure work stations. But moving, adding, changing and replacing staff around an office can be costly, confusing and disruptive, which hurts the bottom line!

KCCi can meet your needs efficiently, quietly and quickly with minimal disruption to your working environment, and customers.

KCCi will help you make the right move.

Our experienced and certified technicians help move thousands of employees each year for small, medium and large businesses, as well as government offices, and corporate organizations.

KCCi works hard to make life a little easier for IT, Facilities and Operations managers who are responsible for business cabling and telephony changes.

For emergency service 24/7 please call our KCCi Customer Service: (714) 577-7777, (local)  or  (888) KC-4-NEXT / (888) 524-6398  (toll free) 

Move, Add & Change Services at a Glance

  • Pre-move audit, scope outline and management.
  • Assist with part or manage the entire move, add, change project. 
  • Coordinate with third parties to ensure a smooth & timely completion.
  • Standard working-hours with out-of-hours availability.
  • Work alongside design & build contractors; relocation companies; furniture installers & space planners.
  • Design and install network infrastructure that’s cost-effective and meets the long-term communications needs of your business. 
  • Full documentation, for smooth management following completion.

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KCCi can manage & coordinate your telecom project

Why not let KCCi manage and coordinate your telecom project

We understand the telecommunication issues you'll face when you're just starting up, moving, renovating, or expanding your business. You may not be aware of how much time is involved in setting up your business telecommunications for the first time or for when you move offices.

We fully manage and coordinate your telecom project, including Telco line delivery, installation, training, design and programming. We have processes in place to manage issues such as changing due dates, structure changes, furniture deliver delays, new requirements at site, new employee training schedules, electrical or your IT challenges.

Finally, we give you the direct phone numbers and mobile phone numbers of our key executives so you can call us whenever you need personal attention on an important issue. Try to get that from our competition!


Start a conversation with us today by calling KCCi Customer Service: (714) 577-7777, (local)  or  (888) KC-4-NEXT / (888) 524-6398  (toll free)

KCCi manages & coordinates telecom projects. Telco line order, delivery, install and program.

KCCi manages & coordinates telecom projects. Telco line order, delivery, install and program.

IP Phone System: use your LAN, low costs via SIP & VoIP, easy install & move phones, remote office.


Is Your Business at Risk Running an Outdated PBX

You know your PBX is way past its prime, and economic pressures have lead you to delay its upgrade or replacement.

But there comes a point in time when continuing to sweat your communications  assets no longer makes sense—from both a financial perspective and a business/productivity perspective. Retaining outdated equipment can essentially increase your IT costs and prevent your users from utilizing communications tools that help your business processes.

Phone systems are one of the assets that many companies sweat for too long, and, as a result, many of these organizations are sitting on archaic (or end-of-life) equipment that is no longer efficiently supporting their business while possibly putting it a risk.

Yet for some, the prevailing practice is to continue operating the existing system well past its useful life and beyond the end-of-support.

We often hear the following reasons to avoid upgrading:

  • We don’t have the budget, or there is a higher priority budgetary request.
  • The lifespan on the last PBX was too short.
  • We’re afraid that if we upgrade tomorrow, something better will come out next week (a.k.a. the cycle of obsolescence).
  • We’re unclear on our unified communications plans and how our phone system should fit in with UC.
  • Newer phone systems are becoming too complex to use.
  • The buying cycle is too long, and we will have to get too many people involved who will all have different opinions.
  • We don’t know which approach to take—i.e. premises, hybrid, or cloud-based.

There’s a chance that the phones you think are supporting your business aren’t. While the value of your older technology may not have appeared to change—for example, the phones still work, and you can still make calls—the outdated system may be hurting your business.

We know the decision to move to a new telephony system is sometimes a difficult one to make. That’s why we’ve created the following list of 3 of the benefits of a modern unified communications system over an outdated phone system.


1. System Stabilization

If you are a business owner or decision maker, you have probably thought, “We save money keeping the old system. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Every day your business uses an analog, TDM, or older VoIP phone system that has reached end-of-life, you run the risk of having your phone system fail without access to support. If that happens, revenue will likely be lost as a result. How much? Well, you could lose what equates to hours, days, or even weeks of revenue—depending on the amount of time it takes to quickly repair or worst case find and install a new system.

And hurrying to find a new system isn’t ideal. If your system fails, it could mean you are forced to make a quick replacement decision. Companies that don’t have the time or don’t take the time to research properly before purchase usually discover they’ve spent too much money or are unhappy with their purchase after it is too late to change it. Taking the time to find the right IP Telephony solution or Unified Communications solution will improve your business processes and efficiencies without over-extending your budget.

2. Improved Operational Costs

Maintaining separate systems like directories, conferencing software, voicemail, and telephony is expensive and time consuming for IT departments to sustain. In fact, it can be so time consuming that the IT department spends the majority of their day keeping these systems functional—time that can be better spent on more strategic IT projects.

The older the system, the higher the operational cost is when you don’t upgrade. Some of the costs businesses accrue using older systems include:

  • Proprietary hardware at each location (equipment, phones, PBX)
  • Installation
  • Licensing
  • Maintenance, repairs and upgrades
  • Additional services
    • Fax
    • Business SMS
    • HD video meetings
    • Audio conferencing

When you factor the lost IT time spent maintaining each separate communications system  with the opportunity cost of not having the advanced applications and features that modern unified communications provides, you end up with a total cost that is just too high for most businesses to ignore.

3. Competitive Advantage

Have you stopped to think about whether your competitors are taking advantage of modern communications software? If they are and you’re not, then chances are they are able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Working smarter gives them an edge by increasing their productivity and creating a competitive advantage.

Your competitors that are working with updated communications systems, most likely have these advanced features at their disposal:

  • Audio/video/web collaboration, white boarding and document sharing
  • Support for the mobile workforce with a consistent user experience across smartphones and tablets
  • UC clients that provide status, presence, call history
  • Integrated vertical applications through standards and open services

While the cost of upgrading may seem high, the advanced applications and features associated with modern communications systems will help re-gain lost competitive edge and offer companies an opportunity to better serve their customers.

Unified communications can help businesses regain competitive advantage in two ways.

First, a new system can help you increase your revenue by providing your business with the communications applications needed to be more productive and efficient. You could gain better advantages and increased competitive edge by choosing a modern solution with a lower total cost of ownership and features that enable collaboration across your business, improving the speed of your communications.

Secondly, UC provides communications software that makes enterprise-level communications applications available on an ad-hoc basis. This either gives you access to applications that you might not have previously been able to budget for, or, saves your organization money as you no longer have to pay the fees required to utilize multiple services. Replacing hosted web, audio or video conferencing services is a perfect example. The accrued savings can boost the return on your unified communications investment, and expand your competitive edge through re-investment into other IT projects that help your business grow.

Increased Productivity

If you fear that your new technology will become obsolescent and use that as an excuse to avoid upgrading, you shouldn’t.  Look for vendors that offer software assurances and extended warranties for hardware that will provide your business with more security and less risk in the long run.

With a modern communications solution, you ensure that your system has the flexibility to handle rapid growth, giving you the ability to provide support to your increasingly mobile and distributed workforce. Your IT team will re-gain some of their time, allowing them to focus on other strategic IT initiatives. And, your employees will re-coup benefits that improve the speed of communication from access to applications that positively impact your daily business—whether it’s through more efficient collaboration with colleagues, or improving customer response times.

Options Available to Your Business

Ultimately there is a high cost, in terms of inefficiencies and operational cost, when you continue to operate an outdated or end-of-life phone system.

Some organizations struggle with selecting the best model (premises, hybrid, or cloud-based) to meet long-term communication needs. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the advantages of each option. Ultimately you’ll look for the platform and vendor that has the flexibility to customize the right solution to meet your specific needs.

 By Mark Pendelton in Unified Communications 

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Our business customers ask us about the latest and greatest in phone systems all the time. And many of them assume that the business phone system they may have installed only a couple of years ago is already hopelessly outdated and should be replaced. The answer in many cases is, “Well, perhaps, but not always.” It all depends on how you’re using your phone system and how your business needs have changed. 

For instance, if your workforce is increasingly based out of the office, your existing system may not meet their demands. And if that’s happening, you run the risk of having a phone system in place that’s not capable of keeping you ahead of your competition. 

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