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What Is Voice over IP Phone Service?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a phone service in which calls are transmitted via the Internet rather than over traditional landlines. 

VoIP Requirements

  1. A VoIP server to route the calls made through VoIP phones.
  2. An analog terminal adapter (ATA) to connect phones to a VoIP server. ATAs act as gateways, converting analog signals (i.e. voice) into data packets before sending it over the Internet and, on the receiving end, converting the data packets back into analog signals for playback.
  3. VoIP phones.

Types of VoIP Phones

Hard: These are similar to traditional handsets, but they are managed like computers - each phone needs an IP address in order to join the network.

Soft: Software-based IP phones, also known as ‘softphones,’ are applications you run on your computer or smartphone. They have the same dialpad interface as a regular phone, and often provide advanced features such as voicemail management, conference calling, chat, and screen-sharing.

There are two major reasons to use VOIP

  • Lower cost
  • Increased functionality

Lower Costs

Curbing costs is the standard use case for VoIP, resulting in savings of approximately 60%.. Enterprises usually switch to VoIP as a cost-savings measure for two reasons. First is a specific need to cut telephony costs, especially as free or near-free services like Skype become more prevalent in the enterprise. Second would be a broader mandate from management to reduce operational costs, in which case anything under IT's domain would be fair game. A Hosted Unified Communications solution or integrated voice and data circuit, via SIP, allows for ease of management - decreasing the IT burden.

Increased Functionality

VOIP makes easy some things that are difficult to impossible with traditional phone networks.

  • Incoming phone calls are automatically routed to your VOIP phone wherever you plug it into the network. Take your VOIP phone with you on a trip, and anywhere you connect it to the Internet, you can receive your incoming calls.
  • Call center agents using VOIP phones can easily work from anywhere with a good Internet connection.

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What Are the Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Business?

Moving to a VoIP phone system is a cost-effective solution for your communications challenges. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • 60%-70% less expensive than landline phone systems.
  • Flexibility, allowing for relocation without additional system changes or costs.
  • Free features such as caller ID, three-way calling and call waiting.
  • Call forwarding to mobile devices.
  • Sophisticated PBX with hundreds of extensions, call queues and voice response systems.
  • Call management with insight into phone use, minutes spent on calls, connected extensions and more.
  • Hassle-free with minimal maintenance required.
  • Ease of installation, typically self-installed.
  • Can integrate with other communication technologies and systems, such as CRM systems and databases.

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UCx Unified Communications as a Service


  • UCx™ Unified Communications deliver far more than state-of-the-art business phone capabilities. Its award-winning desktop and mobile apps let customers call, chat, video conference and start online meetings with a click, from any location.

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MSx Managed SD-WAN


  • MSx™ Managed SD-WAN brings secure, guaranteed access to business users no matter who their network provider is or where they’re located. No “best effort” in our vocabulary. TPx was an early mover and we’re the industry leader in SD-WAN, with more than 6,000 installations delivering real-world, multi-industry, multilocation performance every day.

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MSx Managed Firewalls


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Managed SD-WAN with 4G LTE


  • Managed 4G-LTE Failover protects against errant backhoes and other unforeseen threats to your essential Internet connection. The 4G link is dormant until it’s needed for automated failover of the primary circuit, so you won’t be unnecessarily using up your mobile data allocation.

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Managed 4G-LTE Failover


  • Managed 4G-LTE Failover protects against errant backhoes and other unforeseen threats to your essential Internet connection. The 4G link is dormant until it’s needed for automated failover of the primary circuit, so you won’t be unnecessarily using up your mobile data allocation.

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MSx Managed Endpoints


  • MSx™ Managed Endpoints manages, monitors, patches, and troubleshoots workstations and servers across your business, keeping them up to date and protected from viruses, malware and other threats.

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Virtual Fax


  • Virtual Fax provides enterprise-grade, cloud-based inbound and outbound faxing.

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