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Welcome to KC Communications Inc. / KCCi telecom, cabling, hosted, IP, voip

Welcome to KC Communications Inc. / KCCi telecom, cabling, hosted, IP, voip

Welcome to KC Communications Inc. / KCCi telecom, cabling, hosted, IP, voipWelcome to KC Communications Inc. / KCCi telecom, cabling, hosted, IP, voip
24/7 technical help Telecommute Remote Workforce Secure Virtual Work from Anywhere Internet SIP BYOD

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Unified Communications & Collaboration:

Welcome to today’s office – which might not be in the office after all. Unified Communications & Collaboration , also known as: UCaaS  will re-energize your work day with collaboration and connection wherever you are. 

Let’s Put UCaaS to Work: 

Telecommuting - Remote Workforce 

•  Work from Anywhere 

 HD Voice Calling 

 HD Video Calling 

 Chat & SMS Messaging 

 Virtual Meeting Rooms 

 Screen Sharing 

 Call and Message History 


Video calling:

Adding familiar faces to conversations helps lessen the dislocation and keeps people connected.

Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P): 

When you can’t walk down the hall, these tools make it easy for users to see whether a colleague is available for a chat, then instantly send a message.

Collaboration services

Virtual, always-on meeting room space for ad-hoc or planned meetings so your teams can easily share information and collaborate using any combination of group chat, voice and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and file sending. 

Unified messaging

Remote users need access to emails, voicemails, and texts in the format that works best for them, depending on where they are and what they’re doing. Unified mailbox, notifications, and user-defined call routing increase user productivity.

Productivity tools wherever you are (Managed Office 365) Email, shared calendar and other productivity tools accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Security & Continuity  

  • Comprehensive firewall management (Managed Firewall): You want your remote employees to be safe within the corporate network via secure VPN access that gives them access to critical applications and helps them remain productive.

  • Secure endpoints (Managed Endpoints): Your employees computers are among the most vulnerable points of entry for cybercriminals​, so securing them properly is critical. You’ll want to make sure that they can easily receive security patches, Next Generation AV, secure remote control and troubleshooting support.

  • Fail-over when the cable hiccups (Managed SD-WAN): For mission critical positions you want to ensure that there’s not a single point of failure looming.

Contact KCCi to see how we can help you keep your remote workers connected and secure.


How KCCi & TPx Enable Remote Work - Telecommuting!

 Get tools for collaboration, business continuity, and security deployed quickly and easily. 

Many businesses are resorting to work from home to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Having employees work remotely, whether due to COVID-19 or other circumstances, requires proper tools to ensure proper collaboration, business continuity, and security. Many of TPx employees have been telecommuting for years, using the same tools TPx offers to customers who are deploying a remote workforce. We have helped many customers in emergency situations, including wildfires and hurricanes – and we are here to help your business 24/7/365 to weather this storm as well. 

KCCi is the modern choice in telecom companies for today’s agile, mobile and always-on company.

 24/7 Emergency & After-Hours Support  

•  Phone Systems, (IP PBXs Premise or hosted)  

• Internet, SIP & Voice Services  

•  Structured Network Cabling 

• Telecommuting - Remote Workforce

•  BYOD & Mobility

•  VoIP,  SIP trunking  & SD-WAN

• Adding, Moving or Changing Technology  

•  Station Adds, Moves & Changes  

•  Video Surveillance  

•  NEC Touch Screen Telephones  

•  Call Center Applications  

•  Call Recording  

•  Message-On-Hold 

• Paging Systems  

•  IP DECT & WiFi Systems 

•  UC, (Unified Communications)  

•  Disaster Recovery  

•  FREE Telecom Services Audit  

• Video/Audio Conferencing  

•  AT&T Mobile & Push-to-Talk Services  

•  Cloud Computing  

•  Lease Financing  

•  FREE Phone System ???  

•  Licensed Contractor, CA & WA


Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

Less time spent commuting Telecommute Remote Workforce Secure Work from Anywhere Internet SIP BYOD

“Work” is no longer a place we go, but an activity that we do. Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees made the daily commute to a corporate office, sharing a communal space on a regular basis. Thanks to globalization, working 9 to 5 hasn’t been most employees’ reality for many years. But now those same workers — who used to arrive early or stay late at the office to get all their work done — are pushing the boundaries of where, when, and how they work.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, remote workers don’t spend so much time in their home offices that they lose all their social skills and never see the light of day; nor are they all “road warriors” dashing from the plane to an Uber to the hotel. Today’s remote workers are more likely to spend part of their time in the office and the rest of it juggling work and home life. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, the average remote worker is a 49-year-old college graduate who works for a company of more than 100 employees and earns $58,000 a year. That sounds like it could be just about anybody you know, doesn’t it?

8 Benefits of Employees Remote Working

  • Less time spent commuting. 
  • Improved employee retention.
  • Access to a wider pool of applicants. 
  • More autonomous employees. 
  • Lower costs.
  • Make better use of technology. 
  • Reduced salaries.
  • Increased productivity.

Remote Working is Here to Stay

Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

24/7 technical help Telecommute Improved employee retention Work Anywhere Internet SIP BYOD VoIP IP

 A 2017 Gallup survey had two noteworthy findings: not only are more employees working remotely than ever before, but they’re also doing so more often. The survey of over 15,000 American workers found that 43% have worked off-site at some point in the last year. The figure is even higher — up to 61% — in industries that are more conducive to working remotely, such as finance, real estate, IT, and media. The survey also found a shift in the amount of time employees spend working remotely: the number of employees working remotely less than 1 day a week dropped, while those who work remotely 4 to 5 days a week increased by about the same amount. Needless to say, remote working is here to stay.

If all of this sounds familiar to you, you’ll be interested in TPx’s whitepaper The New Workplace Reality. It’s full of insights on how the “knowledge economy” is redefining the modern workplace. You’ll also learn about the communication and collaboration tools that can support today’s workforce, today.

We may not all be full-fledged road warriors, but we can all benefit from applications that enable us to productively work from anywhere, at any time.

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BYOD Vs. BYOA: Mobility

Remote Workers Are Redefining “The Office”

BYOD Vs. BYOA: Mobility

Telecommute Remote Workforce Make better use of technology Work Anywhere Internet BYOD VoIP SD-WAN

Smart phones, tablets, laptops, regardless of the device, the Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD phenomenon, is on the rise in organizations everywhere – even yours. 


The personal dynamics of mobile devices and, in turn, mobile device management, has made adoption of mobile technology a tricky business across the board. For most organizations, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are still complex and perceived as risky. But, with the global workforce’s rapid adoption of the mobile work style, integration of BYOD policies have been necessary for most organizations to maintain the high levels of productivity needed to sustain business success.


The BYOA trend centers on employees’ use of third-party applications in the workplace. But BYOA is really the key driver of a much larger trend that's growing in popularity; IT consumerization. Why? Because BYOA and its associated benefits for employees include greater engagement and satisfaction, and improved productivity, the chief cornerstone of the IT Consumerization movement.

Since BYOA employees choose their own applications, each employee can use the apps that he or she is most comfortable with. Not only does this improve productivity by allowing employees to have more control over the software they use, it also enhances efficiency by letting each individual person use the tool that best matches their work style. 

Remote Office

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

BYOD Vs. BYOA: Mobility

Remote Office Telecommute Remote Workforce Secure Virtual Work from Anywhere Internet SIP BYOD home

Remote Office allows you to use your home phone, your mobile phone, or even a hotel phone as your business phone. It’s useful when you are traveling and need to stay connected to the office, but don’t want to share your personal telephone number.

When active, this service rings the Remote Office number with all inbound calls for your business phone. Call from Phone requests from the UCx for Desktop application will also ring to the Remote Office number. Additionally, you can place phone calls from the Remote Office phone and have them billed to your business.

 Mobile UC ensures a centralized environment for the entire workforce. It’s a good bet that any modern company will find itself with employees working from outside the office perimeter at some point. Rolling out a comprehensive platform means that mobile users, communications platforms and business applications aren’t relegated to a patchwork of fragmented silos that not only hamper collaboration, but also present potential security holes. Mobile UC apps instead ensure that businesses have a level of control over how their sensitive information and services are accessed.

Additionally, Mobile UC allows businesses to offer a greater degree of workplace flexibility to their employees. Work-life balance is more than just a lofty goal: remote working or flexible hours, enabled by solid mobile access, is a crucial piece of the strategy for many companies. They recognize that working 9 to 5 hasn’t been most employees’ reality for many years, so they need to provide ways for employees to take calls and participate in meetings outside of “traditional” business hours and locations.

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

Stay connected Telecommute Remote Workforce Secure Virtual Work from Anywhere Internet SIP BYOD VoIP

The way we do business and the way we communicate is changing rapidly. Mobility has become the norm. Customer expectations have soared and budgets have shrunk.

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

With the advent of all the communications technologies in the market, customers expect to be able to reach someone at a business to get immediate answers and information – without having to leave a message. To assist in maintaining a positive customer experience and a high level of service, businesses today need to have workforces that are available and ‘on-demand’ from any location. A great customer experience usually generates repeat business.


   Work Smarter – Apps to increase efficiency

   Remote/home office workers

   Stay connected while on the move

   On the road

   In the office

Running your business on an outdated system or forcing employees to use old devices that are ill equipped to handle their multi-faceted communications needs is bad for business. To facilitate smarter work environments, NEC has developed the next generation of desktop telephones.

Personalization is important to the creation of motivated personnel. 

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The Agile Mobile Workforce

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

Increased productivity Remote Workforce Secure Virtual Work from Anywhere Internet BYOD Lower costs

Welcome to today’s office – featuring an increasingly borderless workforce, set free by the rise of smartphones and tablets. Smart mobility has given companies the opportunity to recruit a larger pool of talent unfettered by geography, who can optimize their productivity with anytime, anywhere access to messaging and email. If you want your business to truly capitalize on the benefits of the mobile workplace, however, you need to embrace mobile unified communications (UC).

Getting email on your phone is one thing; having true collaboration and connection tools wherever you are is another.

Put simply, mobile UC applications provide rich communications features and access to company resources to geographically dispersed, traveling and highly mobile workers. These apps seamlessly hook into enterprise UC platforms, giving everyone the ability to use the same full suite of key UC business applications regardless of whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.  This untethered UC enables teamwork in dynamic environments and empowers the mobile worker for true collaboration from any location.

 Beyond UC, companies have the option of bundling in our suite of managed services, including SD-WAN, managed endpoints, managed security, virtual fax and more – which further boosts mobile strategy across the digital enterprise.

Your business doesn’t have to stop when you leave the office. Call your TPx representative today to see how we can help you to support your mobile workers and take full advantage of the modern digital workplace.

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