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Today’s modern business lives and dies by its network connection to the outside world. Increasingly mobile, social and app-focused, businesses both small and large (and in-between) need reliable and affordable bandwidth to carry out day-to-day operations. KCCi, a Networking Technical & Consultant company, and we know that different connectivity solutions fit different needs—and can offer you the expertise to help choose the right one for your specific business. We act on your behalf, from design, to implementation, to the ongoing support of your network. 


  • SD WAN
  • Cable Internet Service
  • Internet Access – Domestic
  • DSL
  • eFax
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • International Internet Access
  • MPLS and Private Line
  • MPLS International
  • Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave
  • Wireless Internet/Mobile

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Learn More About Data and Your Business

Every business has unique data communications requirements.

What’s consistent is the need to connect customers, locations, suppliers and markets in an easily managed, reliable, and cost-effective network that is designed around your business growth strategy and not around a set of products. More options mean more opportunities to custom-tailor the solution that’s right for your business – and KCCi gives them to you.

KCCi can bring the connectivity that’s right for your business and weave it into a comprehensive communications solution.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?



Small Business

For SMB owners, KCCi, a Networking Technical & Consultant company, and we know that different connectivity solutions offer a range of leading technologies from time-tested, high-quality service providers that will support your specific business connectivity needs. You may be a retailer in need an in-store Wi-Fi strategy to support guests, or a HVAC company that needs redundant connectivity to stay in touch with corporate clients on a continuous basis, or a law office that needs to support faxing on a secure line. Whatever your specific connectivity needs, Telecom Brokers, will recommend a tailored solution that fits your cost profile. 

Single Location Enterprise

KCCi is your trusted Networking Technical & Consultants and when it comes to crafting a fully reliable, secure business connectivity networking solution to fit your specific business needs. We understand the range of enterprise requirements: You can’t afford downtime, and you may have different departments that have different bandwidth needs. You may need to support different applications as well, like video, conferencing or unified communications and collaboration suites. KCCi, a Networking Technical & Consultant company, makes unbiased recommendations based on options like Ethernet over copper, MPLS and private lines from a range of top suppliers. 

Multi-Location Enterprise

Multi-location businesses need to support large volumes of Internet traffic, and they need a strategy for doing so that eliminates management overhead and consolidates billing and support requirements. Circuits need to be 100% reliable and redundant, and any connectivity strategy is driven by application needs, like the requirement to support mobile workforces, satellite offices, or data center strategies. KCCi  consults on designing a custom, unbiased connectivity plan for your specific business needs, using the wealth of options from our deep portfolio from top suppliers. 

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What to Find Out More About These Solutions?




Organizations can manage fixed-line voice, data and wireless expenses from a single cloud platform. 

Advantage: KCCi offers a variety of SD-WAN offerings from multiple providers, along with expertise in choosing which service is right for a specific business and tailoring it to serve an organization’s needs.

SD-WAN opens the door to affordable intelligent networking: An optimized WAN that cuts costs while improving application performance. Companies can also reduce their reliance on expensive MPLS connections, replacing them with affordable broadband connections or even wireless; enterprises can “mix and match” the types of connectivity and the carriers that are delivering it, allowing for much greater flexibility. From there, partners can have a Layer 7 conversation with customers about performance-based routing; SD-WAN enables mission-critical services—like UC or key cloud services—to take priority over less important traffic, boosting quality, even over broadband.

Benefit: SD-WAN reduces MPLS reliance and provides software-controlled routing of WAN traffic, so businesses gain centralized visibility and management across locations. For cloud services, SD-WAN’s management capabilities allows performance management and QoS, even on broadband connections.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?

Internet Access


Uncover the right internet access options to support your mission-critical broadband needs, across a range of providers. 

Advantage: Internet access for businesses is no longer just for surfing the web; broadband connections support mission-critical SaaS and cloud applications (such as unified communications as-a-service, or UCaaS), e-commerce and multichannel customer service efforts, collaboration tools to reach employees, partners and customers and more.

Increasingly, businesses are also deploying SD-WAN, which allows businesses to improve the reliability, performance and quality of service (QoS) for cloud-delivered applications and VoIP, across best-efforts internet connections.

Telecom Brokers offers a range of options for business internet access across the United States, with speeds up to 1Gbps. Depending on your applications needs, we can objectively consult on which providers can best support your business goals.

Benefit: KCCi is your trusted expert for high-quality domestic & international internet access—a critical piece of the communications puzzle for modern businesses as they make the transition to the cloud.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?

MPLS and Private Line


These dedicated, private connections are the gold standard for WAN implementations, offering unparalleled quality of service (QoS) and reliability for a range of applications. 

Advantage: MPLS and private lines allow mission-critical IP traffic to run securely within a VPN environment, with the highest reliability for connecting enterprises’ complex and distributed networks of employees, customers and partners. Advantages include stringent SLAs, and the ability to prioritize traffic to ensure consistent performance without compromising quality. Both MPLS and private line options include tools for tracking and predicting actual usage and performance down to the bandwidth and application levels.

KCCi offers a range of MPLS and private-line options, and can provide unbiased consultations on which options will best meet your specific business needs.

Benefit: Businesses needing iron-clad reliability for mission-critical data needs can implement MPLS and private line circuits to provide WAN connectivity.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?

Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave


Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave connects your office to the internet using microwave technology, at speeds from 10 Megs to 1 Gig per second. Quick Installation as fast as 1 week. 

Advantage: Whether you’re a medium-sized business or a larger enterprise organization, having a safe and reliable business internet connection is just as important as having a working phone system. To ensure peace of mind, KCCi  offers Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave for companies needing quick installation times, true path diversity or redundancy from primary connections. Fixed wireless internet is quick and easy to deploy, since it doesn’t rely on land line cabling, and provides a cost-effective connectivity alternative with dedicated bandwidth and a seamless Ethernet handoff.

Benefit: This is a cost-effective option as a primary internet connection, or for use as a redundant failover connection. We offer quick installation and scalability, with no buildout costs and contract terms as short as six months.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?

Wireless Internet – Mobile


Provide primary connectivity in hard-to-reach locations, or redundant connectivity for disaster recovery throughout your footprint. 

Advantage: Wireless internet service, which relies on fixed access points that connect businesses to the outside world via 4G or unlicensed spectrum, offers a connectivity option for rural and underserved locations that don’t have access to fiber or business-grade DSL connections. It’s also a great option for those businesses in office parks and multi-use complexes that haven’t yet been served by more traditional local providers; and is an inexpensive and indispensable tool to have in place for redundancy, to automatically keep businesses up and running in the event of an outage.

In the latter case, traffic is simply and seamlessly rerouted to a wireless failover circuit, with minimal interruption and no technical ability requirements from staff—a key feature. With so many critical applications and cloud services relying on an internet connection, companies can’t afford any downtime.

KCCi provides trusted advice on how to implement wireless connectivity as a standalone connection, as part of a broader mix of technologies across multiple locations, or as a redundancy tool.

Benefit: Businesses in underserved locations or needing redundancy can implement primary or backup internet access via a wireless connection.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?

Ethernet Private Line


Secure, private connections directly between two locations at speeds of 100 Meg, 1 Gig or 10 Gig Wave .

Advantage: Ideal for mission-critical, sensitive data applications, Ethernet Private Line (EPL) provides a high performance, cost-effective point-to-point virtual connection between a pair of dedicated nodes in two locations. These high-capacity links allow traffic to bypass the public internet, boosting security, and they serve as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines or older packet technologies like Frame Relay. Links are backed by SLAs, and this makes EPL perfect for latency-intolerant applications like voice, video and data center configurations, among other applications.

Benefit: Connect two locations together on your own private, completely secure Ethernet link, without paying for internet access or MPLS.

What to Find Out More About These Solutions?


Cable Internet Service


Use cable service to support cloud applications and internet connectivity at locations that may not have access to affordable fiber. 

Advantage: Today’s businesses often require a mix of connectivity to support all of their branch offices and locations, which each have specific data and cloud applications needs and requirements. Cable access is an important piece of our communications portfolio, which allows businesses to take a flexible approach to network design, with network services options across cable, lit fiber, dark fiber, copper, wireless or a mix. With multiple options at their fingertips (all consolidated on one bill), businesses can achieve consistent quality, scalability and economics across their footprint.

Cable business packages are typically tailored for a business’s needs and growth, with a choice of different levels of speed, depending on the number of users and devices present within a given location as well as how a business intends to use the bandwidth.

Benefit: These broadband connections offer an affordable, solid alternative to fiber, and can be bundled into a broader network solution to fit a business’ unique bandwidth requirements.

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