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Paging & Music Systems

DOES YOUR Business, Shop, School or Warehouse Need a Public Address System? KCCi Offers Tried & True Bogen & Valcom Systems That Are Easy to Use Flexible and Affordable!


Why Your Business Needs Telephone Paging! 

A voice paging system is the most popular add-on peripheral to a telephone system and one of the easiest  peripheral business communication tools to use. Once added to a telephone system it quickly offers the potential to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of every business. 

KCCi includes a telephone paging system with each one of our telephone system proposals, we offer complete value-added voice communications systems. KCCi is a knowledgeable and experienced  communications consultant and we support what we offer and that provides our clients with the “one vendor” concept, which serves to enhance and streamline your business. 

For more than 31 years, thousands of businesses throughout California and the nation have relied on the experts at KCCi for a wide variety of telecommunications and data products & services. 

A few of the benefits offered by telephone paging systems are: 

Emergency alert 

• Voice evacuation or standard alarm increases safety. 

• Reduces liability — possible reduction on insurance costs. 

• Night ringer provides a tone to alert personnel of incoming calls or of visitors at remote entrances. 

• Optional tone generator for emergencies and code calling. 

Broadcast announcing 

• Gets information out quickly. 

• Replaces trivial memos (lowering cost). 

• Zone paging allows specific areas to hear selected announcements. 

Locating People 

• Increases productivity. 

• Better customer service through greater accessibility to people. 

• Professional image. 

• Increased revenue (fewer lost orders). 

• Reduces wasted time and long-distance call backs. 

Background Music 

• Increases productivity (major background music suppliers claim 15% rise). 

• Increases conversation privacy. 

Telephone paging systems are also recommended where internal communications are the customer’s primary need, such as in warehouses, mail rooms, etc. 

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  Bogen Telephone Paging System Products 

  • TPU Series Telephone Paging Amplifiers 
    •  Specifically designed for telephone paging, the TPU Series offers a choice of 15, 35, 60, and 100 watt outputs. 
  •   Amplifiers
    •   Designed to feed music-on-hold to a telephone system in cases where the system cannot accept a direct tuner input, the GA2 also serves as a booster for large self-amplified systems. 
  • Loudspeakers 
    •  Wall Baffle Assemblies 
    •  Horn Speakers 
  • Background music with paging override
  • In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Outdoor Horns
  • Wall Mount Speakers
  • Pendant Speakers
  • Talk Back Horns and Speakers
  • Single or Multiple Zones
  •  Central-Amplified (70V) Speakers 
  •  Self-Amplified (24V) Speakers 
  •  Night Ringer 
  •  AM/FM Tuner 
  •  Tone Generator 
  •  Modular Zone Page Control System 
  •  Telephone Access Module , (TAM)
    •  The TAM-B is an excellent telephone/paging system interface. It allows connection to ground or loop start trunk ports, to station lines that have 90 volt ring current, to Centrex station lines and to CO line positions. The TAM-B also provides pre-announce and confirmation tones and a background music input port. 
  •  Digital Feedback Terminator 
  •  Bogen TPU Series Telephone Paging Amplifiers 

Bogen Communications


Bogen Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of Bogen Corporation, is a leading provider of sound systems and telephone peripherals for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

Bogen’s Telco line of business provides the corporation a leadership position in the U.S. overhead paging market segment.

Bogen’s Commercial and Pro Audio line of business, along with Bogen’s NEAR and Apogee Sound brands, expands the Bogen family of products to address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems.

Bogen’s Engineered Systems line of business allows the corporation to successfully address school intercom, signaling, and media control, holding significant market share in the U.S.

This catalog provides information about Bogen’s products and services. In addition, it functions as a System Design & Buying Guide. You will find answers to your questions about how a paging system works or how to set one up. Our Design Guide is filled with helpful information and reference material. Each product has its features clearly highlighted and a list of accessories. Say goodbye to guesswork and waiting. Now, you can have the answers you need when you want them. 

Download Bogen’s Full Catalog

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Paging System Packages


Our Paging Systems packages are complete paging systems in a box and ready for your applications. Our systems are deigned for Industrial, Office and Hospitality applications.  

Not sure what Paging System package is best for you? Get the small Small Business Paging System, the Medium Business Paging System, or create your own. KCCi makes it easy. We have designed systems both big and small for every type of business. Designing a system specific for your business is easy and our team is ready to help. Call us at (888) KC-4-NEXT or (888) 524-6398 or fill out our FREE Paging System Design request form below and one of our paging system design specialists will call you. 

Paging/Speaker Systems


A voice paging system is the most popular add-on peripheral to a telephone system and one of the easiest business communication tools to use. Once added to a telephone system it quickly offers the potential to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of every business. 

Paging System Features:

  • Phone System Integration
  • Music on Hold (MoH) capabilities
  • Multi and Single Zone Paging
  • Zone or Individual volume controls
  • Equipment available for office, warehouse, shops and outdoors

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Free Paging System Design

KCCi Provides Free Paging System Design


Do you have a Paging System or Public Address application and need help? KCCi can provide complete commercial sound and paging system design help for large and small applications including schools, campuses, offices, hospitals, industrial buildings, outdoor areas, construction yards, warehouses, regional airports, car dealerships, hotels, and more. Our sound engineers are ready for any size job.

We are trained to work with both stand alone paging applications and telephone phone integration including VoIP. 

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