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Find the Perfect Voice Products for Your Business

Businesses can save hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars per month just by consolidating and/or managing their existing P.O.T.S. Lines, (Plain Old Telephone Lines) or traditional phone lines onto one bill, even if they’re from different carriers. 


  • POTS-Consolidation
  • Local Service – Integrated, PRI, T1, Dynamic
  • Mobile Phone and Internet Service
  • SIP Trunks – Local Service and DIDs
  • SIP Trunks – Long Distance
  • Wholesale Voice Services to Carriers
  • UCaaS (Formerly Hosted PBX) 
  • Caller ID Revenue Share for Call Centers and Dialers
  • Conferencing – Audio
  • Conferencing – Desktop
  • Dedicated Long Distance and Toll Free
  • Hosted Contact Center / CCaaS
  • Least Cost Routing for Carriers and Call Centers

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Learn More About P.O.T.S. Lines

To understand the impact of traditional telephone lines, it’s helpful to compare it to what Alexander Graham Bell designed as the first P.O.T.S., aka the ‘Plain Old Telephone Service,’ or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 

P.O.T.S. Lines: So, now you realize that we’re not talking about a new  substitute for marijuana. Lets compare P.O.T.S. Lines against VoIP, which is short for Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest telephone technology to become ubiquitous enough to change and disrupt how businesses are communicating in the 21st Century.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Service for Your Business 

Contact KC Today: (888) KC-4-NEXT  or  Jason@KC4Phones.com

What to Find Out More About This Solution?

POTS Consolidation



Despite all of the talk of moving everything to VoIP and IP, many businesses still run on  P.O.T.S. Lines, (Plain Old Telephone Lines) . Sometimes businesses are locked in by contract, and some simply like the familiarity of analog. Whatever the reason, different carriers may serve different offices for multilocation enterprises, and even for smaller companies, the footprints may be redundant or overprovisioned. KCCi allows businesses to gain control over their POTS collection by aggregating those lines onto one, easy-to-manage bill to eliminate operational headaches. This also allows visibility into what’s being used and paid for, for better telecom expense management. Also, rather than dealing with multiple phone companies when adding, moving or changing a phone line (not to mention dealing with all of the separate account numbers and authorizations required), KCCi can offer companies a single point of contact for everything POTS-related. 


KCCi can take over management of a company’s business phone lines in all areas of the country, bill them on one statement and provide a single point of contact – all at discounted rates. 

Personalized Custom Solutions for Different Business

Small Business

KCCi, a Telecom Provider, can modernize your first line of communications with a cost-effective, feature-rich set of voice and telecom offerings from top suppliers. We can guide you through a raft of additional options too, that include enhanced features like direct-line toll-free calling, IVR systems, conferencing and more. KCCi offers unbiased recommendations for VoIP, hosted PBX offerings, converged voice and data bundles, and more, all with your specific feature and cost requirements in mind.

Single Location Enterprise

KCCi is your trusted Telecom Provider for designing, implementing and supporting an IP voice strategy that draws from our extensive portfolio of top telecom suppliers. We partner with you on VoIP, unified communications and enhanced features that support enterprise business requirements, including departmental queuing, redundancy, mobile extensions, single-number service, advanced telecom expense analytics and more. Telecom Brokers can also recommend a converged voice and data strategy that offers critical operational streamlining and optimization. 

Multi-Location Enterprise

Whether your voice strategy includes contact centers, mobile workforces, telecommuters, cross-location four-digit dialing, branch offices and more, KCCi understands that multi-location enterprises need full reliability, security and top-notch call quality. Tapping our portfolio of top telecom suppliers to make unbiased recommendations based on your unique business needs, we are your partner for VoIP, unified communications and enhanced features that support the gamut of enterprise business requirements. 

We've Teamed With Over 150 Providers

Contact KC Today: (888) KC-4-NEXT  or  Jason@KC4Phones.com 


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