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Demarc & Smart-Jack Extension Services & Circuit Testing

What the Heck are You Talking About ???

Demarc is short for Demarcation Point, otherwise known as the spot in a building where telecom companies must leave their services. As mandated by federal law, all telecommunications carriers must hand off their telecom circuits to each subscriber, leaving their service at the building's demarcation point, which is usually a ground floor telecom room or closet known as the MPOE, (Minimum Point of Entry). From this netural point, the demarc extension is the subscriber's responsibility, extending telecommunication circuits to their suite or network room, and begin using the telecom circuit.

KCCi will extend your demarc from the Main Point of Entry (MPOE) or Telco Closet to a Main Distribution Frame (MDF). Cabling will be installed and concealed if at all possible. Cables tested and labeled at both ends for easy identification and to minimize any confusion in the future.

KCCi has provided demarc & smart-jack extensions & relocations in many environments such as offices, educational institutions, shopping plazas, malls, auto-dealerships, airports, warehouses, construction trailers and multi-story buildings.

  • Complete Telecom Backboard Relocation
  • T1 extensions
  • PRI extensions
  • Smart-Jack extensions
  • Hosted Services
  • Internet
  • Fiber-Optic
  • VPN
  • MPLS
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay
  • 56K
  • DSL
  • Telephone lines
  • Cable  TV & Broadband
  • DECT  System
  • Wi-Fi
  • ​Paging  System

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The “demarcation point” (or “DEMARC” for short) is the neutral point in a room or closet at your business property, where the telephone company must terminate all of their Telco Services from ordinary C.O. lines, (POTS lines), faxes, modems and alarm lines to the more complex T1, PRI, Internet or DSL circuits. As an experienced and tech-savvy contractor in the field of telecommunications KCCi is capable of moving or extending DEMARCs and Smart-Jacks from the current MPOE to a preferred location within your business.  

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Additional Information

Backbone Solutions

We offer backbone installation services for connections from MDFs to IDFs using 4, 25, 50, 100 and 200 pair copper and fiber optic cable.

KCCi can complete the installation of pre-configured communications hardware such as routers, modems, firewalls, gateways or other devices with a demarc extension.

With our expertise we'll can make the process of getting a demarc extended as painless as possible.

Give us a call (888) KC-4-NEXT that's (888) 524-6398, we’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a quote.

Cabling Site Surveys

KCCi's site surveys are performed by an experienced Application Engineer. A site survey will minimize surprises during the actual installation. Accurate site surveys can help determine suitable MDF and IDF locations, power requirements, cabling, hardware, tools and equipment.

Network Cable Testing & Certification

Your network media infrastructure is the foundation of you network. KCCi can test and certify new and existing copper or fiber network cabling.

Structured Cabling Installation

KCCi has application engineers and technicians on staff that can design your structured cabling plant and our experienced installers can provide the installation of any size network infrastructure. KCCi’s technicians are ready to assist in the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting or upgrades to your structured cabling system, DECT, (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecom) and other Wireless, (Wi-Fi) Network Installations.

KCCi’s wireless network services can provide wireless solutions. We perform wireless site surveys, design and installation. We also provide point-to point solutions.

California State Contractor’s License #584850
Washington State Contractor’s License #EC KCCOMCI880NZ


Site Content

Before KC's Installation


Telecom backboard found while doing a new system site survey. 

Before KC's Installation


This is the telecom backboard that we found at a well known Home & Auto  Insurance Company in Garden Grove. 

Warning: When left untamed, network cables have been known to overtake entire rooms...


Warning: When left untamed, network cables have been known to overtake entire phone rooms and eventually...office buildings. 

Stop the spread of renegade cables by contacting us and letting our team restore order. #KCCi     

After KC's Installation


 KCCi Cabling Services -
Since 1986 KCCi has provided companies in California and through out our nation with everything needed for a complete cabling infrastructure. This includes cable, jacks, patch panels and professional termination. We also provide and install open racks, server racks, cable sleeves and cable support for wiring closets and server rooms. 

After KC's Installation


 Integrated Voice & Data -KCCi can enable customers of all sizes to integrate all their IT and communications systems thus offering a more cost effective and manageable system, with one point of contact for all cabling design, cabling installation, cable testing & certification and communications requirements.

After KC's Installation


 Voice, Data, Video & Fiber-Optic Cabling -KCCi's professional cabling division is responsive, efficient, and we guarantee our work. All of our technicians have many years and thousands of projects worth of experience and follow all EIA/TIA state codes. KCCi also tests and certifies all cables after installation to insure optimum performance.   

Site Content

Before KC's Installation


This is what the "Phone Room" looked like at a major Southern California Aerospace Company prior to the acceptance of KCCi's new system & structured cabling proposal.  

Before KC's Installation


This is what the "MPOE" looked like at a major Southern California Logistics Company prior to the acceptance of KCCi's demarc relocation & structured cabling proposal.   

Before KC's Installation


The client is expanding and needs to convert their old "Phone Room" into additional office space. KCCi proposed a complete demarc & smart-jack relocation as well as a new phone system & structured cabling.   

After KC's Installation


Project Management
KCCi’s project managers serve as a single point of contact for our clients. This includes not only installation supervision, but also project planning, design assistance, and overall account maintenance. 

After KC's Installation


KCCi has installed Structured cabling systems in thousands of businesses throughout the United States. Structured cabling systems provide a convenient and easy method of managing the connection and relocation of voice and data devices. 

 Start a conversation with us today by calling KCCi Customer Service: (714) 577-7777, (local)  or  (888) KC-4-NEXT / (888) 524-6398  (toll free) 

After KC's Installation



We give our clients the direct phone numbers and mobile phone numbers of our key executives so you can call us whenever you need personal attention on an important issue. Try getting that from our competition!

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